Maintence includes services like trimming, digging, deadheading, lawn mowing and weeding.
Deadheading means removing spent flowers from the garden. Deadheading should only be done when flowers start fading or die. The sooner the spent flowers are removed the better. Regular deadheading aim energy into stronger growth and encourage the flourishing of flowers. Deadheading produces a neat garden.
Trimming is cutting hedges, bushes and shrubs to proper shape and size. We do this with a hedge cutter or sometimes loopers or even secateurs. Hedges are usually trimmed around two or three times a year. Formal hedges require more regular trimming than informal hedges. Trimming hedges is carried out between early spring to late autumn.
Digging prevents the growth of weeds. Digging can be done whenever on a regular basis. We use a fork, spade and hoe to do this. Also, this service is done to keep the proper structure of soil. The best time for digging is… – any time during the year.
Lawn mowing is one of the most important task, that are needed to be done in a lawn. Lawn mowing should be mainly done through March to December. The height of the grass makes a difference in how healthy a lawn is. Grass can’t be cut to short, this grass is called scalping grass.
Weeding takes out the troublesome pesky plants. We do this with hand tools, as weeds don’t always have to be controlled with weed killer. Weeding can be done at any time when it is needed. Weeds can be found in flower beds and even next to trees. Regular weeding services would make your garden look the very best, as weeding isn’t a one-off garden task.

We also provide special services like removing moss, lawn aeration, removing patches in lawns, fruit tree cuttings, planting, seeding, fertilizing, concultancy. Moreover, we do not charge for our advices as we really care for your gardens.